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Новости из мира чужих(Falcon)


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Так как Сухой лежит(и похоже на долго:() сообщаю что вышел Hotfix for 3.1 and Cobra Patch 1.1.1 12 метров

брать на FreeFalcon.com

Ура! Ура! Ура!

Фалкон как дедушка Ленин всегда молодой и дарит нам радость 8)

PS Кстати один из девелоперов упомянул FreeFalcon 4 :roll:

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The FreeFalcon 3.1 Hotfix patch can be installed on your

current FreeFalcon 3.1 version (no "clean" FF3.1 install required).


The Cobra 1.1.1 patch requires that Cobra 1.1 has been installed from the

FreeFalcon 3.1 installer.


FreeFalcon 3.1 Hotfix:



- Fixed SU-27 LOD 2 model CTD.

- Fixed Tacref "missing" F-16 B and D models.


- Fixed the "odd" sounds for some weapons/devices.


- Added some of the aircraft in the TE list asked for on the FF forum.



Note: Copy f4sndtbl.txt to your Sounds<theater> folder and teplanes.lst

to your Campaign\<theater> folder.



Cobra 1.1.1 Fixes:



- All A/C jamming bug fixed.


- Flying greater than 50,000' puts A/C at 14,000' fixed.


- The "taxipoint CTD" reported by Suds and others fixed.


- Midair collisions with "ghost" a/c workaround (hack):

When enabling No Collisions in Setup/Simulation page there is

no points penalty for enabling No Collisions (hardcoded). This

is a temporary fix until we can find and fix the bug.


- Fixed rocket and strafing modes HUD dropdown line using non-Realistic

Avionics options.


Cobra 1.1.1 Enhancement:



- Cobra.cfg option to give all aircraft the IFF interrogator.

Enable by adding "set g_bAllHaveIFF 1" to cobra.cfg. Set variable

to zero to use the <fm>.dat IFF setting.




Selecting to install the Cobra 1.1.1 patch will replace the

Patches\NOSSEexe and Patches\SSEexe CobraOne.exe and CobraOne.pdb

files and replace CobraOne.exe and CobraOne.pdb files in the FF3

main (root) folder with the SSE version.


Fred "BaldEagle" Balding

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спасибо Strannic, держи нас в курсе


для интересующихся - прямой линк на "PATCH FF3.1.1 and Cobra 1.1.1", 12mb


"There are five dangerous faults which may affect a general: recklessness, which leads to destruction; cowardice, which leads to capture; a hasty temper, which can be provoked by insults; a delicacy of honor which is sensitive to shame; over-solicitude for his men, which exposes him to worry and trouble." Sun Tzu


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Дак это.... не мне спасибо а Вадифону.Мы с ним как раз вчера флеймили по тихому и он спросил как сейчас модно Фалкон ставить,я полез за линками на freefalcon.com а там.... :lol:

Кстати бяку с ИЛС и вылетом при выборе старых блоков патч у меня не убрал :roll:

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