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My name is Tim, I'm an old, retired US Navy Cryptologic Technician CPO, getting back into flight sims after about a 25 year hiatus, although never really quit gaming.


Still working on getting things setup and operating properly. Learning curve will be steep, but think I am prepared.

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I'm an old school Warthog and LOMAC FC3 pilot but back after a long absence and currently focusing on the Hornet and Littlebird while I wait for Kiowa.

Hornet, Super Carrier, Warthog & (II), Mustang, Spitfire, Albatross, Sabre, Combined Arms, FC3, Nevada, Gulf, Normandy, Syria AH-6J

i9 10900K @ 5.0GHz, Gigabyte Z490 Vision G, Cooler Master ML120L, Gigabyte RTX3080 OC Gaming 10Gb, 64GB RAM, Reverb G2 @ 2480x2428, TM Warthog, Saitek pedals & throttle, DIY collective, TrackIR4, Cougar MFDs, vx3276-2k

Combat Wombat's Airfield & Enroute Maps and Planning Tools



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Hi all




Been on for a few months now. Was always a sim racer online and ran a site many years ago. I always dabbled with early flight sims and a few months ago I watched a DCS video on you tube.




I noticed that it was on steam so got the free version. Around the same time I had purchased the rift s vr headset. I put the two together and could say I never looked back but I spend a lot of time in my plane doing just that.



VR takes quite a lot of tweaking to iron out the micro stutters and such but well worth it when you get it sorted.



I now have the F18 and my personal weapon of choice the F16. I fly in Caucasus and Persian Gulf and have just pre purchased Syria.



Online I spend a fair bit time in Just Dogfight server and a load of time spinning toward the ground in flames

A few good people in online have given me plenty advice and I am now getting a little better at preventing blackouts in the F16



I dabble with mission editor and still study tutorials online, thanks Wags, Reapers and anyone else as they obviously put a lot of time into these.


might have originally put this post in the wrong place

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Evening all,


Newby to DCS here, migrated from Arma 3 where I really enjoyed the combined arms aspect in the game and how Rotary and Fixed wing aircraft complemented those on the ground. However I was eventually convinced to try out DCS and boy am I glad I did.


Been flying now for a few weeks with the F16 and love it!!! Starting to get the hang of a few bits and pieces which has definitely been accelerated by those who I've been flying with showing me the ropes.


I frequently stream my sorties so any views/follows would be greatly appreciated and any feedback on things i'm doing wrong/right would be great :)




See you in the skies!

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Hey everyone!


I have been playing FSX for quite awhile, as a way to stay current when I'm not flying a can in real life. I used to play quite a lot of flight simulator games back in the days.


A list of games I can recall:




Jane's Combat Simulation: AH-64D Longbow, U.S. Navy Fighters '97

Lock On: Modern Air Combat

Lock On: Flaming Cliffs

Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 2

Top Gun: Fire At Will


I just recently bought the following DCS aircraft modules: Yak-52, L-39 Albatros, F-5E Tiger II, and the terrain map: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map. I really enjoy flying trainer, and light attack/fighter aircraft.


Nice to meet you guys! :thumbup:


Now do we have an hardcore jet fighter pilot here.

Those were the days !


Very well put togheter campaigns, full of briefing and be-briefing vídeos - immersion feeling on its highest.


... more than 20 years have passed, and I still recal that defeating Nomad was no easy task (at that time).


JETS  FlamingCliffs 3 | MiG-21 bis | Mirage 2000C | F-14 A/B | F-16C | F/A-18C

HELIS :  Mi-8 MTV2


SPECS :  i7 4790k , 16 GB DDR3 , GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6 GB , Samsung 860 QVO

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Late start


Hi fellow Flightsim enthusiasts,


my name is Rusti and I am from Germany. Being 51 I have grown up with Flight Simulator from Sublogic on C64 and Amiga, Falcon 4.0, MS Flightsim in various Versions, MS Combat Flight Sim, Their Finest Hour and many more.


I used to prefer less complex sims with mainly dogfighting in visual range but this time I intend to do my homework, find the time and really learn the A-10C.


Since I want to find the buttons where they are in the manual, I am rather determined to build my own cockpit.





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Welcome Rusti:thumbup::pilotfly:

MODULES: A10C Warthog,AH-64 D APACHE,AJS Viggen,AV8B Harrier,BF109 K4,C101 Aviojet,F14 Tomcat,F16 Viper,F5 Tiger,F86 Sabre,FA18C Hornet,FW190A8,FW190D9,I16 Ishak,JF17 Thunder,KA50 Blackshark,L39Albatros,Mirage2000C,Mirage F-1,MI24P,MI8MVT2,MIG15BIS,MIG19P,MIG21BIS,Mosquito FB VI,P51D Mustang,P47D Thunderbolt,SA342 Gazell,SpitfireIX,TF51D,UH1H Huey,Yak52.

OTHER:Flamming cliffs,Combined Arms,WW2 Assets Pack,SuperCarrier.

TERRAINS: Nevada,Caucasus,Normandy,Persian Gulf,Syria,Channel,Marianas. 


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Hi, I'm Morphus


Been away from flight sims for a few years and looking to get back into it. Could really use some help with getting my gear setup. I have the Warthog stick & throttle and pedals. I forgot the learning curve to get up and going again. Would really appreciate some help, I'm truly a fish out of water.

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Greetings to all.


Im Steven. Im an (not too) old USAF Vet - 461x0 And i worked on LineD on F-16's at Hill AFB. I was on the FL during the christening ceremony for the Fighting Falcon in 79. I used to play with the F-16 sim back in the day when my kids were little and recently decided it was time again. I have been following The Warthog Project and i like what he has done with his sim so i'm off on a new journey. :)

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My name is Fairey Gannet - I guess you already know my favorite airplane (we look alike also...). I've started simulations with Dynamix Red Baron back in DOS days, and went through majority of Sierra, Microprose, Jane's, Rowan's, Novalogic and 1C simulations, finally ending up here. Besides flight simulations I enjoy naval sims and various strategies. In real life I am an archeologist, but besides boring old pots and bones I've conducted excavations of the downed WWII warbirds in my region.


Right now I'm trying not to get myself killed in DCS, transitioning from fabric-covered biplanes to Cold War jets. Luckily for me, both Albatrosses - D.III and L-39 are really forgiving and pure joy to fly. :)

Edited by Fairey Gannet
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New 2 ED Forum


Hello DCS World!



I am George and I've been lurking on the forum for a about 2 months. Been playing DCS since Nov/Dec 2019. I've been a flight simmer going waaaaay back on other platforms *cough* C-64, and DOS.



My favorite module is the F/A-18C Hornet. I have others but I am most familiar with the "baby" Hornet. I mostly fly solo but would like to dip my toe into the multiplayer arena once key skills are more refined.



Anyway, thanks for reading my post in this introduction thread. If you have any relevant questions then ask.

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Meet and Greet




I am Peter and started this game when the first A10 simulator came out. Have mainly played around with airliner and GA aircraft sims such as FSX and Prepar3D recently. However decided to get back into air combat again and spent a small fortune with DCS.

I already had the Thrustmaster A10 Warthog set up from my early A10 days and have just added the F18C stick to that. Also have reincarnated my TrackIR which I had given up on. However I have worked on set up and it is not so bad now.

So my DCS expenses include:

the Nevada and Persian Gulf Maps,

F18C, F16C, Mig 21, A10C and F14B

Also the FC3 Mig 29 and F15 with their non clickable cockpits.


I am working my way through the training missions and slowly get better at my landings on the airfields. I make a point of flying and landing on an airfield after each training mission.

It would be great to watch the mission from outside afterwards but DCS doesnt seem to allow that despite having checked show external views in the Options. Would help a lot when I get to land on the boat.


Cheers from New Zealand

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Sadly no. It works fine during the actual flight of course. Out of interest during the flight is there a way to switch view to your weapons. eg missiles or bombs.


I was going to look on youtube for any videos that show how to set up your own mission and see if I can switch view in the resultant track.

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Sadly no. It works fine during the actual flight of course. Out of interest during the flight is there a way to switch view to your weapons. eg missiles or bombs.

F6 for weapon view.


Changing views should work during track replay.

🖥️ i3-10100F 3.6-4.3GHz, 32GB DDR4 2666, RTX3060 12GB, SSD SATA3   🥽 Rift S   🕹️ T16000M HOTAS   ✈️ FC3, F-14A/B   ⚙️ CA   🚢 SC   🌐 NTTR, PG, Syria

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Hi people!

I used to flight sim or 'fly game' a bit since mid '90s till 2007 or so. 'F29 Retaliator' was I think my first one, then other stuff. Then an unknown company called Eagle Dynamics released 'Su-27' and boy... that felt like a real sim! My Quickshot QS-123 got red hot :)

Then ED made the Flanker 2.0, I still have those 2 little booklets (the printed manual, those were the times!).

On the way there was Il-2 Sturmovik and its successors, but I never particularly liked them, don't know why.


I've never been a combat flight head exactly, though. I've spent countless hours playing FS2000 and FS9 (FSX was too heavy for my contemporary computer) and only SOME hours in combat flight sims.

When Microsoft showed the middle finger to the community and all 3rd party companies grown around Flight Simulator franchise (MS sacked Aces Studio) "to align our people against our highest priorities", as they explained, I thought flight simming was done and the era of casual gaming came to rule forever (well, it did). So I threw my CH Products gear in the cellar and went for simracing. I was relentlessly simracing online for 3 years or so (beautiful times!), then my family situation changed and I had to quit simracing, too.


Today I'm no longer overly young (48 ) ;) and some time ago I learnt that LOMAC (the last flight sim I played) turned into DCS and DCS supposedly grew big.

I also read they had helicopters there and people claimed they could actually fly 'em. That sounded intriguing, I had never flown a chopper before!

So... I bought myself Huey, replaced CH Products gear with TM Warthog HOTAS, TPR, Stream Deck XL, built a crude DIY button box and dusted off my old TrackIR 3 with vector.

After one or two weeks of flying Huey, I bought Ka-50, Mi-8 and A-10C.

I don't have a lot of free time, so I have only approx. 100 hrs in Huey, 100 hrs in Mi-8, didn't like Ka-50 too much (I respect it, but don't fancy it too much, at least for now), and I'm slooowly learning A-10C.

I also bought all the Caucasus campaigns for these birds and have been playing them one by one. Some are great fun (others less so, but that's a different story).

My 'sparkling career' in A-10C is yet to begin, though. So far the Hog has been a bit overwhelming intelectually ;) so I need to do my homework first, then plunge into the campaigns. I just hope when A-10C II is out, the campaigns for the old module will still be playable. Somehow. We'll see.


Well, that's about it, not too much to say :)

I wish you guys/gals (and myself) metric tonnes of fun flying those gorgeous babies!

And wish ED enough money, time and perseverance to gradually iron out some rough edges DSCW now has (as obviously DSCW is by far the most important 'module' for DCS, no need to worry about the planes).

Cheers, everyone! :)

Edited by scoobie

i7-8700K 32GB 2060(6GB) 27"@1080p TM Hawg HOTAS TPR TIR5 SD-XL button/pot box

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Hello Everyone,


N00bie here, I've been a gamer since the days of 5 1/4 floppies and am usually a big FPS gamer, but have recently got hooked on DCS. The first aircraft I'm focusing on is the A-10C, and so far, so good. I still have a long way to go though, especially when it comes to radar and defense.

The other module recently purchased were F/A-18C, still learning the basics of missiles and bombs on that bird, but I'll get there eventually.


Anyhow, I look forward to exploring the forums and potentially joining one of the many groups for some multi-player.


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Hello pilots,

i am new in DCS. I come from bavaria. Flying 1 month with SU25T. This week i started flying F15c. Seems to be a great simulation (game):):thumbup::thumbup:

See you perhaps ingame. Have a good flight.



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Hi, people call me Gary & I'm from 4000 years in the future.. what is this place?

Intel i9-10900k :: Asus ROG Z490-F Mobo :: G.Skill Trident Z Royal DDR4 4x16GB 64GB ::  ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3090 Trinity GPU :: Samsung 980 PRO 1TB NVME :: Samsung 860 PRO 2TB SATA :: Corsair Crystal 680X White Case :: NZXT Kraken Z63 RGB 280mm White AIO Cooling :: Asus XG349C 34" Curve G-Sync 180Hz 3440x1440 Monitor :: Corsair 850W PSU :: Win 10 Home 64bit :: Virpil Constellation Alpha-R Stick with VPC WarBRD Base & Virpil MongoosT-50CM3 Throttle :: TrackIR 5 Pro & Cap Clip 🙂

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Hi, people call me Gary & I'm from 4000 years in the future.. what is this place?

Quick question did the Huey get multi crew yet :lol:


Window 10, i9-9900,2080TI, 32GB ram Puma Pro Flight Trainer, 2 x 1TB WB SSD NVMe HP Reverb

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