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Will Afghanistan-Specific Factions be added?

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Will appropriate factions be added to core game/mission editor to use with the map?

For example Afghanistan to represent the ANA. As well as Taliban and Mujahideen for era appropriate Redfor? We currently have "Insurgents", but that doesn't always work, especially if we were to set conflict in 2024 when the Taliban are ruling and have access to more than just technicals.

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I think that DCS itself needs to improve the camp system, currently DCS only has blue, red and neutral, but neutral is almost useless.

If you can customize the flags and names of the countries and add a fourth camp, it will give more possibilities to the mission creators and the mission editor as a whole.

Maybe also allow us to add a myriad of custom factions (countries) and set the friend/enemy status of these camps ourselves via the editor

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5 hours ago, antiload said:

I like the idea of setting a factions (by flags etc..) allegiance depending on ones actions in game. For example,  encroaching on certain areas, bombing a building by accident or on purpose, attacking an ally of that faction. 

This is more akin to an RPG than to military operations. I believe Goetsch was referring to the base "sides" the mission begins with. Currently DCS only supports 1V1 + 1  neutral. The neutral is useless for combat and only serves for traffic intended to not be attacked by anyone.

In real war scenarios this is different, example being the last Syrian civil war.

DCS should support more sides/coalitions/teams than Red vs Blue.

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Green faction should at least be added and set that faction who it is allied to.


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9 hours ago, Gambit21 said:

I'm more concerned with having more actual animated models, insurgent variants etc  than specific 'faction' at this juncture. 

Agreed, but it is bizarre that we got a whole country as a map, without that country being selectable as a faction.. it's like if we hadn't been able to select Argentina as a faction on the South Atlantic map.

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