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Bugreport/Suggestion/Question: GBU-16 on Centerline/Belly Pylon?

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Not sure if this is a bug or something that has to be added but on all current mirage F1 version the belly pylon cant mount a GBU-16 (the inner wingpylons can so its not a issue of the plane not generally having access to GBU-16) is that supposed to be like that? i know there are planes that have various reasons why you cant mount certain weapons on certain pylons but in this case i dont see/know any. The F1 has access to GBU-16 on other pylons and weight or physical size shouldnt be the issue since you can mount the heavier/larger GBU-10 on that pylon

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Hi, thanks for your report. So far we have been mainly adding armament for which we had evidence that was used IRL. In any case, it is logic that the bombs you mention would be possible to be carried, so we have added them. They will be available in a next update (not in next one yet).

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Roberto "Vibora" Seoane

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