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Is anyone having issues firing R60M


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I hope somebody can advise me on what I am doing wrong or if there is an issue with firing the R60M missiles.


I have petro arm the weapons.

I turned the power on the R60 panel and selected Air mode.

I select rack number 1.

I ensure the weapon select is set to off/msl(far left option)

I turn on the fire control switch and wait for the seeker light to go amber.


I then put the target into the reticle centre and get the lock on light and tone. I pull the weapon release trigger, but nothing seems to happen. I can fire all other weapons except the r60m on the hind.


Is there a step I have missed?

Or is this a bug?


I appreciate all your help!!!





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11 hours ago, raptoruk said:

It was the weapon loadout that was the problem. I had 4 ATMG missiles loaded too, and that caused the r60m missiles not to fire. I loaded just the R60Ms, and they work fine.





Your outside 4 ATGM pylons will work with ANYTHING. Weapon restrictions only apply to 4 main pylons. In that case, GUV pods only work with other GUV pods. 

Aside from GUV pods being near useless in reality and used in Afghanistan only under literal threat of punishment, this is another reason it’s either one of the rarest IRL load outs, or it’s the load out you see when the operator doesn’t want to add flight hours to more valuable munitions

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