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Does oh-58d have a bug with 'limit exceeded' when enabling hellfire?

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Hi, i am new to this oh-58d and trying to learn how to use the Hellfire.

i'm having issues after i activate the laser with the MFD showing " limit exceeded".

I can't seem to get rid of this message. i can turn on/off the laser arm, i can fly around it just will not go away.

anyone have ideas how to get this message to disappear without restarting the mission?

is this a bug in the module?


i have read that the you need to be properly setup for hellfire with angle, distance etc.

in testing this i am simply taking off and letting AI take over in a hover. i then arm everything and make sure the missiles are on the right code.

this message them pops up in the mfd and will not go away.  i can then fly around and its still there.

What am i doing wrong?




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Sounds like a torque limit exceeded. Did you flip the ACK (acknowledgement) switch up to turn it off?

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