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Ideas for models to do


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Since I have no clue how to do models, I started brainstorming ideas of stuff that others could do (maybe one day I will learn to do 3d models myself). :D


I was trying to think of stuff that would be useful in the helo aspect of 1.2 and these are some things I've come up with:


Infantry: (animated for jogging; may be carried in transport helos or certain vehicles)

--Basic soldiers (able to fire machine guns at ground and air targets)

--Anti-tank troops (able to fire anti-tank rockets at vehicles)

--Downed pilot (able to be picked up by transport helos; maybe can wave hands in air when the helo is close lol)

--Downed pilot in raft (for an ejection over water)


Miscellaneous Stuff:

--Supply crates (able to be picked up/dropped off by transports)

--Medical crates " "


Anyone have similar ideas?

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Crates for supplies would be carried by transports (such as Mi-8) and dropped off at an assigned location.


This gives the possibility of escort missions for the Ka-50. Same thing with the downed pilots, these would open up some great mission possibilities.

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As for new AI aircraft:


- F-15E: THE most important aircraft which is still missing IMHO. It's highly unlikely that you'd have seen the USAF going to war without it in the 1990's.


- F-111F: If the above isn't possible for whatever reason atleast include this one. Implementing the USAF without a tactical strike capability is strange.


- KC-135R: There are only about 60 KC-10's IIRC, a fleet that would be stretched thin pretty quickly in a major conflict. The KC-135 is still the mainstay of the USAF tanker force.


AI aircraft that are in great need of a 3D-model overhaul:


- F-14: If possible, I'd suggest modelling a B-version, this variant seems to represent the best replication of the 'average Tomcat' in USN service.


- MiG-31

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I'd take more flyable russian aircraft before US, though. How about a flyable SU-24 Fencer or the Platypus?



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