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OptiTrack - TrackIR´s brother

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have a look on the www.naturalpoint.com

they've got a new toy :)

Steel Hotas Warthog + Hoffmans F16 rudders, Oculus Rift S, EVGA RTX2080, Core i7 4790K

Hangar: Ka50, A10C, A10A, A10CII, SU27, SU33, SU25, Av8BNA, Bf109K4, F16C, F86, FA18C, FW190D9, I-16, L39C, Mi8, Mig15, Mig19P, Mig21, P51D, Spitfire, SuperCarrier, Yak52, P47, F14, Mi24P, Me262?

Flying over CAU, NEV, NORM, SYR, CHNL and PER

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