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MiG-29S Skins V1.2 New

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Special thanks to JJ Alfa and Swingkid for their expertise on the MiG-29; Eric J for his Ukrainian skins; and ED, for their MiG-29A template. These skins wouldn't be possible without them :)


V1.2 Release Notes: April 2005

- Some MiG-29A panels and rivets taken out and replaced with the correct MiG-29S ones

- New camouflage schemes added to several aircraft

- New blue glass canopy texture





The new canopy texture is the major addition of this package I guess. I've made it as obvious as I could, but due to the alpha channels that control transparency (which I'm not willing to mess with, as doing so would almost certainly destroy the texture), it's still a rather subtle affect.


The next major feature of this package are new camoflage textures. The standard ones are reused often in the default Lock On skins, and I thought they could use a little variety. The colours are much the same, but the camo pattern subtley different.


I can't believe I can actually say this, but it looks like this will be released AFTER V1.1 :)

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