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Warning - Traffic Hazard!

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Curious? Made you look, didnt I? :)


Still - mission makers and rotors heads - the warning is as following:




If you design a mission with more than one group of vehicles moving on the road do not allow the following to occur:

  • Ground Vehicles travelling at different speeds or faster groups of overtaking another slower group.



Overtaking behaviour:

- Groups travelling at a greater speed and overtaking another group will order any friendly unit traveling ahead (~100 meters infront) to stop - so the overtaking vehicles can "go around" (off the road) safely drive by.

- The last vehicle in the columns being overtaken will stop - wait for everyone to move by.

- The rest of the column infront will keep on moving as usually.

- When the "fastmovers" (pun intended) have moved past one vehicle in the column (Unlucky Bastard), the UB will floor it to try to get back in line with his own column.

- Eventually when they reach a bridge (or sloped/closed off area), some of the vehicles will try to go around down the slop (side) of the bridge entrance - stop - hence failing to do so.

- Both the vehicle that is being overtaken, the group that is doing the overtaking and all vehicles following after these will come to a FULL STOP.

- No one else will ever cross that intersection again.


General rules to avoid the problem:

- Decide to use one speed for all vehicles in your mission, or ...

- Decide on "one speed" for all vehicles in an area (zone) - so no overtaking is likely to occur.



- If overtaking is likely to occur - use trigger to activate a group (as in spawning them there) after a "problem area" instead of letting them drive through there.

- And if you do see areas where vehicles will cross paths, add a WP there - adjust speed for all partners - and after you are back out on the "plains" (no cities, no bridges, no slopes) adjust the speed back up again.


A bridge too far!



ED, if you plan to have a fix for this later:

a) When overtaking vehicles "order the one in front to stop" - instead set the overtaking vehicles to run at the same speed (slow down).

b) Drop collision detection all together - let vehicles pass through others (which eventually happens in some situations anyway).

a+b+c) If near "inpassable terrain" - slow down.

If stopped / waiting - disable collision.

If not near "inpassable terrain" - full speed, activate collision detection.

d) if not able to move on (stopped +60 seconds) - shoot the navigator and selfdestruct in anger.

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