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VEAO - Waddington 2009 International Air Show Event


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Dear All,

We are pleased to announce that the live head to head Royal Air Force Typhoon Challenge using the VEAO Typhoon was a resounding success.


The VEAO Typhoon was modified to have two sides, blue and red, that flew a head to head dogfight using Lock On Flaming Cliffs.




Here is a press release about the winner of the event at Waddington receiving a Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar courtesy of VEAO.




And here is a short video and some photos showing the hardware set up for the show.

Essentially there are 4 pc's. A server showing the external view of the Typhoons dogfighting, 2 player pc's and the fourth pc showing a map view to the side for the players.








And here is a photo of two actual Typhoon pilots, Mike and Luke, from 3 Squadron Coninsgby just after a flight.




We will be releasing a video soon of the dogfight between Mike and Luke.


Many thanks to Eventuality and The Royal Air Force for hosting the event and for support from ED and TFC.


Thank you also to you, the community, for your great comments, feedback and testing our mod.



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all you need now is the C/P and FM.

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