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Black Shark weird sound issue


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Hi Guys


First post so apologies if its been done before.


Got a problem, basically if in the sim it's raining if I close the door and then press any of the switches, instead of getting the click sound that you should get I get a loud nasty buzzing sound.


If I open the door the problem goes away.


Its really annoying and forces me to play with no sound if its raining on a particular mission!


Any ideas?



AMD xp6000+ dualcore

Windows XP 64bit SP1

2048Mb RAM

inno3D 1024Mb GeForce 9800GT

RME hdsp52 PCI sound card

SATA-2 raid array


cheers, tim :)

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I think problem is soundcard. Could you update your soundcard driver. It seems like samplerate switching problem or bad data on soundfile.

BTW I believe RME's are best sound cards for recording but not for gaming.

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Cheers guys fixed the problem it was indeed the 64bit drivers for my soundcard. Now running it on 32bit and its happy. Another odd thing is that I get 25-30fps under Win64 and 45-50fps under Win32. No idea why, but it's all good! :)

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