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Black Sea Showdown Saturday 15-Aug


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  • 2 weeks later...

2 Weeks to go. We have a nice 45 players signed up but more are needed on Blue for balance.


So join in on the fun.

Click here to join




The 169th is once again very proud to announce the next Black Sea Showdown.

If you don’t feel you can make it to the event or stay the duration of the mission, then please do not sign up! Next event you may not be allowed to particiapte if you are a no show. People with older PCs and/or internet connections should consider if their PC is up to the task of handling this event. Make sure to turn down all graphic options. Event is limited to 80 players maximum. 40 per side.



Date Changed to Saturday 15-Aug-09 Time: 20:30 – 23:30 GMT

Be in Hyperlobby one half hour before the event at 20:00 GMT.



169th Server via Hyperlobby



This will be a closed password required event. In order to sign-up, please post in this thread that you wish to join. Make sure to include the names of all the pilots you would like to have participate including their 169th forum user name so that they may be setup with access to the planning room. Also include your preferred side to fly, the type of aircraft, and the airbase for every pilot. Note that you may not get your preferred plane slot and may be allocated differently in the interest of team balance. Participants will be accepted up to 48 hours before the event if there are available slots still left. All squadrons and individual ‘lone wolf’ players are welcomed. Once you have been signed on to the event, you will have access to a private planning room for your chosen side, either Red or Blue.


Mission Description:

The new 169th Black Sea Battle II Map - Red vs. Blue, No AWACS available. This map is available for download here. The winning team will be the team to score the most points at the end of the 3 hour event. See this post for a listing of points used. Additioanl points will be awarded for high valued ground targets. Intel to follow in each side planning room. Statistics and scoring for the event are tracked and will be posted on the 169th forum after the event. Mission will remain on "Pause" until all players are ready to start as monitored by the server admin.


Match Rules

- 3 Re-spawns are allowed per player. These 3 lives per player will be monitored live to ensure compliance. Players must exit the game server immediately after their 3rd death or a penalty will be applied.

- You may exit flight after landing to change weapons/refresh game. This will not be counted as a loss.

- In BSSII you cannot land at Makop or Krasnodar. If you do, you will not be able to takeoff again.

- Assigned player slots can be changed between pilots of the same team, if agreed between both pilots.

- Assigned player slots can be changed to an empty slot at anytime (see below).

- You cannot quit in flight intentionally during the event for any reason. This includes pilots wanting to spawn at a different airbase. You must land first!

- All pilots must land BEFORE the end of the event. A notification will be given when there are 10 minutes left in the event. Any pilot still in the air at the end of the event will be counted as a loss and any points obtained by that pilot during that last flight will be revoked.


Link to Server Rules (All apply to Event)

Black Sea Battle II Briefing

169th Teamspeak Server will be available during the event. Go to http://www.169thpanthers.com.au to join our Teamspeak server.

We hope to see lots of virtual pilots and wish everyone the best of luck

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The server for the 169th forums has had a hard drive failure and will be down for a few days. It will be back up no later than Monday 10-Aug.


We will use this thread for general information and questions. If anyone would still like to join up please post here or PM myself.


This does not leave much time for planning for the event and I am really hoping the forums come back up quickly.


Current Slot Assignments

Lock On BSBII Mission File

BSS Unit Scoring


BSBII Map (click for High Res)


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Please note you will not be able to land and take off from Krasnodar-Pashkovskiy, Krasnodar-Center and Maykop. You can only land at these airfields and LRM will prevent you from taking off during the event.


You can only land and refuel/rearm at friendly airbases. These are Blue Krymsk, Anapa, Novo and Glendzhik / Red Sochi and Gudauta.

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Hi Crunch


Following information you've posted on our forum today, that your squad forum is temporary down, I've created a public BSS forum category, where all people willing to participate in Red coalition together with =4c= and =SE= squad are welcome and can join.

After their announcement there, we will set them permission to the private part of the BSS forum in which they will be able to participate in planing.


This is the link to the Public Red BSS:




every new registration will have the authorization to post from our admin the same day.






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Hi Routemaster. I'll sign you up later tonight. Please remember to check out the planning on our forums. You just squeaked in. As per our rule that people must be signed up 48 hours prior to the event, sign-up is now closed. Of course, we will make an exception if any more of your 104th squadmates would like to join. We want to make sure everyone involved is familiar with the planning and has time to review it.


Thanks to all participating. Good luck and have fun.



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A2A: -120

A2G: 85

Bonus all Groups Destroyed: 75

Total: 40 POINTS



A2A: -80

A2G: 72

Bonus all Groups Destroyed: 75

Total 67 POINTS


BSS 169th Forum Room.

BSS 15-Aug Tacviews

Detailed Results form BSS 15-Aug



I believe this was one of the smoothest BSS events I have had the pleasure of attending. We had just over 50 virtual pilots attend. Scoring was really close and it was extremely fun to fly. The new 3 life rule made people take much more care. Once again, thanks to 4C, SE, 51st, 104th, 3Sqd members and the lone wolf pilots for participating. You guys all played fairly and without all of you there would be no BSS. Thanks Moa for all the tools to make BSS easier to setup.


Congrats to Red! Excellent job.

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Surprising results. I thought Blue had the overal strongest group. Death limit realy changed the way the game was played. Bandits did not try do dodge missiles frontaly. It was much harder to get a kill.


Looking forward for the next one.




My PC specs below:

Case: Corsair 400C

PSU: SEASONIC SS-760XP2 760W Platinum

CPU: AMD RYZEN 3900X (12C/24T)

RAM: 32 GB 4266Mhz (two 2x8 kits) of trident Z RGB @3600Mhz CL 14 CR=1T


GFX: GTX 1080Ti MSI Gaming X

Cooler: NXZT Kraken X62 280mm AIO

Storage: Samsung 960 EVO 1TB M.2+6GB WD 6Gb red

HOTAS: Thrustmaster Warthog + CH pro pedals

Monitor: Gigabyte AORUS AD27QD Freesync HDR400 1440P


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