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Laser burnout?


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I have been reading about people having problems buring out the laser rangefinder and that they should turn off the laser as soon as possible to prevent burnout. My question is how do you turn the rangefinder on, and more importantly, off. And how do you know when the laser is burnt out.


As it stands I have been doing missions and I have no idea if the rangefinder laser is burnt out or not. I have been simply putting the laser in standby mode (RShift-O) as part of my takeoff procedure. Then when I have a target I uncage the Shkval (O) and then lock the target (ENTER). When I am done I reset the target mode (BACKSPACE) which puts me back into navigation mode and I go on my merry way.


So am I not really using the laser rangefinder and I am just getting lucky hits? Or am I not really turning off the laser rangefinder and I am just not noticing that I am burning it out? And if I am burning it out how would I find out?




Windows 10 64-bit - AMD Ryzen 9 5900X @ 3.7 GHz - 32 GB DDR4 3600MHz RAM - EVGA FTW3 RTX 3080 - Asus Crosshair VIII Hero motherboard - Samsung EVO Pro 1 TB SSD - TrackIR 4 Pro - Thrustmaster Warthog - Saitek rudder pedals - Lilliput UM-80/C with TM Cougars

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my understanding is that once the laser is in standby mode it is warmed up and ready to use.

It then fires when you designate a target, this in effect shoots the laser onto the point and returns a range, at the same time as locking a target if the targetting system Ids one (you get the TA on ur tv camera)


Having it on standby mode afaik may eventually burn it out, but we're talking 30mins ++ if at all.

Excessive targetting will burn it out, if its anything like the LRF on a main battle tank (i have more experience in these so i know how they work there)


specifically for the KA50

16 cycles of 10 seconds with intervals of 5 seconds in each series.

which means that when you designate a target you are using one of those cycles, and the laser will return the range for a total of 10seconds before it should be cooled for 5sec

Once you've used it 16times you should probably turn it off for 30mins.



at least thats my understanding

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Hi Maulkin,

You'd notice the rangefinder burning out by virtue of the fact you can no longer get accurate range info,which may mean you cannot get launch authority and any laser guided weapons you fire will just act as though there is no guidance laser (ie. for Vhikrs, they will simply fall to the ground about 1km in front of the shark)...there is no other indication


When you "fire" the laser (ie. designate a target), you will notice the digital range readout in KM's come up at the bottom of the Shkval....this is continually updated for 10 seconds, which means the laser keeps firing for that time..if you then launch Vhikrs, then the laser is also continually firing for guidance.


You can "turn off" the laser in between engagements by hitting the lower right switch on the lower left control panel (the same panel that contrls the HMS etc..) .. unknown if this helps the life of the laser, however, what it can do is at least stop the laser from firing by acident if you are just slewing the Shkval around / or unlocking it from a target (more common)

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