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is discussing weapons that kill long after ...


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Is discussing weapons that kill people long after the fighting is over so unpleasant that the topic should be locked? It isn't an attempt to "Flame bait" anyone. Just an attempt to talk about a topic that I see very little discussion from a community that simulates war. Also DU directly relates to the A10.


Lets take landmines for instance. They kill and injure long after the fight. Many are disfigured from these weapons from a war long before. Most people tend to think that land mines are bad and should not be part of today's arsenal. I'm of this opinion.


Ammunition made from depleted uranium is radioactive. Considering the rate at which this ammunition can be fired into the surrounding area, the long term effects on the people who live in the area most likely will not be good.


Actually It would be interesting to know how much radiation is released when an 30mm round from an A10 explodes on impact. I would be interested if anyone might be able to link some sources of information that would related to that.



Also what other weapons systems make use of DU and how many are found in the modern battle field?



What could be used as a replacement for DU?


Thanks for any input.


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Aren't cluster bombs also forbidden by UN convention?


I know Poland (and example USA too (or this changed?)) didn't sign this and still produce it. There is opinion that these weapons types are not, well "humanitary" so shouldn't be used. I don't agree with this opinion anyway.

Reminder: Fighter pilots make movies. Bomber pilots make... HISTORY! :D | Also to be remembered: FRENCH TANKS HAVE ONE GEAR FORWARD AND FIVE BACKWARD :D


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