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Initial impressions .. OldFlyer2 this one is me


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Quite nice. Response is smooth, accurate, the torque change / collective input / to expected yaw is very nice. The Flight Model is unique and interesting. I tested an engine out emergency and the sim just performs. Overall, this product is solid and what I expected from ED. Indeed, the best helo sim to date.


Oldflyer2, give it a try. I played Longbow and Jane's just did it right, way they did with all their sims and too bad they don't produce anymore. But ED did this sim right too. Don't be fooled by that thing called a vertical stab in back. It won't do the same as an ordinary plane, main rotor system overpowers it, and aircraft are different period.


The thing just has to be trimmed right and good to go. I would like to see a true neutral trim that allows full collective application without lateral instability requiring input correction but nice to fly something other than a plane that needs trimming.


The cockpit systems from start-up to go time is fab. Also good to see some vindication from ED introducing more Soviet-block birds to the genre. :pilotfly:

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