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the laser finding in nite missions

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i know that when there is less sunlight your laser range finder is limited(you need to be closer to the targets to laser target them). i noticed that there is a laser nob with 4 laser options( right behind the flight stick). can someone explain this 4 laser option?

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laser range finder works in pretty much any light conditions, it is the electronics of your optical sensors that has issue locking on target's contrast against the background in low-light conditions, since it catching only the daylight - no IR support.

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ok! how do u get that IR support? i was told the black shark missions were mainly during the daylight hrs due to not having a flir system like the A-10. i have read about the laser options,but it's really not that complete to get a full understanding of the laser options.

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You have two options, try manually guide your missiles on Target in the Dark (not too hard if your targets are stationary) or have support aircraft drop illumination flares over the battlefield.


I believe that all of the night missions in BS had flare illumination support aircraft.

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A small thing that might require further clarification:


You are not "laser targeting" the targets with the Ka50 and the Vikhr ATGM's. That is, the missile is not looking for a reflection of your laser beam "painting" the target. Rather, your Skhval system is optically locked on the target (through reading contrast). You can think of it like having a white paper with a black box on it. The system notices the difference in color and homes in on that, and moves along with it when you slide the box over. The system then "slaves" the laser designator to mirror this movement. When you then launch the missile, there are sensors in the back of the missile that look for your laser and the guidance system maneuvers the missile to make it stay within the laser beam. This is why you'll often see the missiles spiral towards the target - the laser is made to make it detectable that the missile is moving outside of the beam and it'll have to adjust. This is also why missiles launched while moving very fast sideways will often "go ballistic" - that is, they'll lose guidance. They'll have moved outside of the beam so quick they didn't have a chance to adjust and then compleletly lose it.


From my understanding, the one laser system that cares at all about reflected light is the range finder.


So basically, you will never "get that IR support". What you can do (as has been mentioned) is to have other aircraft (or, come the patch, another Ka-50) launch illumination rounds (strong flares and such) over the target, which will then cause there to be sufficient light for the Skhval sensor to see the contrast between a given target and it's background.


Another method for ATGM deployment at night that I have used with some success is also quite rudimentary and really only works on stationary targets - point the laser at the muzzle flashes. If you are taking out supporting artillery at night and targets like that, all you have to do is set the weapons panel to manual (flip switch), ground stabilize and point the Skhval right at the muzzle flashes, then fire. This method is theoretically possible against moving targets as well, but very difficult to use and there is of course the risk of rough handling causing you to move the beam too fast for the missile to manage to stay inside it, causing you to waste the missile.


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