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I experienced an abnormal condition...


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Simulation is still running at the time of this writing. I did not record the altitude I was at but I performed the following maneuver to evaluate the vortex ring effect portion of the flight model. I believe this may or may not have an adverse effect on the performance of the helo during a complete engine failure.


See if you can replicate this once the BS abbreviated or accelerated start-up training completes. Perform it as I did as I do not know what I did to affect this situation:


At conclusion of the training;


1. Lift-off as normal, *retract gear*, fly around a bit

2. Mess around a bit more, then bring BS to hover

3. Perform a climb, execute over-torque (OT) during the climb

4. Cycle OT and normal parameter climbs

5. Once around 2km or so (I did not record the height I was at)

6. Reduce collective to idle (or 0)

7. Hold BS in the hover with nearly no forward speed (for vortex ring)

8. Once near the ground, bring collective up gradually to maximum OT level


This what I observed:


BS began to slow descent, but because of vortex ring, could not fully arrest descent and continued to the surface under full application of power. Upon reaching the surface of the gorund, BS locked up including all rotor animations and began rocking side to side rapidly. The engines were still running, all lighting operated normally, I could eject, and that animation was normal.


This may just be a glitch, could be a reproduceable bug, I really don't know.

I would appreciate feed-back on this.

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The track from tha flight may be in your \Ka-50\Temp folder as a *.MIZ.TRK file and might be interesting for teh parties who need to have a look at it.

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