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Any way to "Free flight" to find good spots for missions?

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I think Arne means without starting the 'game' as in the actual flying world. I have asked this question a few times, and the answer is always no, but a little thing that I hadn't noticed that helps A LOT is the bar at the bottom with coordinates and ground level altitude ( the altitude is the altitude under the mouse). This can be used if you want to set a low level flight for example, without guessing heights and where valleys are etc, you can use that thing.



Hope that helps



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You can explore the contry in Tacview.


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Uhm, google maps?? ;)

If you mean in game, F11 is the only real option.


Use Ctr+F11 to start the free camera at your aircrafts location.

Use (numpad) * to go forward and / to go backwards.

Use RightShift + * or / to go fast.


There is another way, for use in simulating a FAC/observer on the ground.

Place an object in a mission.

When mission starts, press F12 to look at object.

Press CRTL+F11 to get view from the object.

You can move around the whole world at a speed of your choice.

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