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th2g tirplehead2 go users..how is your experience?

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after taking a break from black shark for 3 months, i decided to reinstall the program, i kind of miss flying the shark.


im running now,

XP x64


8800GTS 512

E8500 @ 3.2G stock

2x74G Raptor RAID-0

matrox triplehead 2 go

3x 20" acer x203w


my gosh.

the fps is horrible, and the FOV, even when setting the .lua file (i forget which one) in the views folder from 120 to 175 (200 was just unplayable for me) is just to choppy when i zoom out. im really trying not to go back 46" lcd.


seriously, for those who have a matrox triplehead setup...

how does it run for you?

as of date, what are the current tweaks, configs, and or settings to make this playable?


my main use of this game will be on multiplayer...

find me on steam! username: Hannibal_A101A


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