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DCS homepage payment options

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Hello everyone,


A while ago i decided to buy DCS Black Shark. So i went to the DCS homepage

click the buy now button and expected to have some payment options.

but there was only the pay by PROTX option.

So i went ahead, scanned the End-User License Agreement and went on whit agreed.

Only now i can see that payment is only possible by using a credit card, which i don't have.

In the end i ended up downloading it from D2D which i didnt really like but it was better then not playing.


So the bottom line here is;

Could DCS please make more payment options availeble?

possible candidates could be;


Clickandbuy (http://www.clickandbuy.com/DE/de/international.html)

And maybe IDEAL but im unsure if thats an option for international payments.


I have had good and reliable experiences whit the above mentioned payment systems.


The keeper of all mathematical knowledge and the oracle of flight modeling.:)
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