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Need help with night mission on Deployment campaign.

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hi all,


I am stuck on the night mission in the deployment campaign. The night mission i am on about is the one after the first night mission which i think it called Alarm, Alarm! The one i am stuck on is when you have to destroy that house where you are trying to kill or capture this man, but when you destroy the house he tries to get away in a car( a sedan i think they say). I get stuck on the car bit, i don't know where it goes or what to do next. Can someone please tell if i have to destroy the car and if i do which direction does it head in or do i just return to base.




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In my experience, the car heads along the road to the left assuming you are looking at the target from the ingress point. You can also try pressing F7 until you find the offending car, and that will give an exact indication of the positioning.


Good luck!



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