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John Boyd presentation video


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After reading multiple books about Col. Boyd and hearing him mentioned in many other places, it was cool to find videos of the man on youtube giving a presentation:



He talks about the FX program which eventually became the F-15. I haven't watched them all yet. I'm hoping he gets in to E-M and the light-weight fighter program.


EDIT: Even better...he talks about his more broad concepts.

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He's also the father of the concept called OODA loop, which we all do on a daily basis in some fashion.


O- observe

O- orientate

D- decide

A- act


He would exclaim, "if you get inside someone's OODA loop then you can beat them at whatever it is", whether it's flying, close quarters combat, or even debating.

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To whom it may concern,

I am an idiot, unfortunately for the world, I have a internet connection and a fondness for beer....apologies for that.

Thank you for you patience.



Many people don't want the truth, they want constant reassurance that whatever misconception/fallacies they believe in are true..

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If you look on the related videos, it looks like someone posted a recording of his 'Conceptual Spiral' brief:



This is interesting stuff since recordings, let alone videos, of Col. Boyd are supposed to be almost non-existent.

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