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Sims in 10 years

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Someone in another forum asked about Sims in 10 years


Besides the obvious Flaming Cliff jokes :tongue: :tongue:

I came up with some serious ideas.

Add yours.


- Stupendous Eye candy - that users will use too much of and complain. CPU and GPU speeds grow geometrically while programmers will program in an exponential USAGE as a feature.

- People in the industry will have finally figured out consistant dynamic campaign methodologies

- Modding will be standardized for skins and other graphical features rather than needing CSI: Programmer to dig stuff out.

- companies will keep a tight control on the flyables. It's just better for on-line play(a big community builder).

- the long-term path to steady revenue is dedicated servers and easier access to content(created by companies) - i.e. more add-ons per engine. If web distribution is made feasible, the company can set aside a team to just produce content packs(campaigns, mission packs).

- the AFMs will be in their 2nd generation(BoB:Oleg + LOMAC2 have the 1st gen AFMs) and it might be determined that CPU cycles should go to things besides graphics and AFMs. 2nd Gen AFMs should be "good enough"

- major-league middle-ware solutions will be used for asset control - because sims have the MOST serious assets - serious in RL design, serious in layers of interactive graphical detail, serious usage of the asset components.


My Flight Sims Page

- Link to My Blog - Sims and Things - DCS Stuff++

- Up-to-Speed Guides to the old Lockon A10A and Su-25T

- Some missions [needs update]

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There wont be a the ability to host but rather just one large server that is on 24/7. The concept of host will actually be changed to mission maker. The mission maker will upload the mission to the server, and then open it for whoever is flyin in that region to use. Everybody will be able to fly on the same massive server. So we might have thousands of people on the same server and map doing missions anywhere in the world.


..too futuristic?.. you just wait and see..



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