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Black Shark Setup will not Start


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how long did you wait?

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Wait for what?


Also i Should've mentioned, that im Reinstalling the game?


The Setup says "Play, Deinstall; quit" but, i can click whatever i want and the setup quits.



This is freaking me out.


Have you successfully installed prior to the problems, ie have you activated yet? Reason I am asking is that your OP reads as if you have not, whereas you now allude to reinstalling.......


Be that as it may, if you have not yet successfully installed and activated, then hit the uninstall tab (should not lose an activation). Let BS attempt to uninstall. Also uninstall by having regard to the Add/Remove Programs Windows utility. Thereafter manually delete all leftover folders in the install directory. Now clear the registry of all entries pertaining to Eagle Dynamics (Black Shark).




Your PC should now be clean of all relevant entries. As mentioned, disable your Anti-Virus and Install again.


Now the question that Joey asked becomes relevant: The install procedure automatically verifies the 'setup' or something to that effect. Now my PC is no dinosaur, but even on my system it took a good while to complete prior to actually installing.


To confuse matters even more, it would sometime indicate that it was 'verifying' the installer, other times not, so one would have the appearance of the PC 'Hanging'/Setup Quit as in your case, whilst it was actually verifying as above. Again, this process took a Good Long While before actual installation commenced.


So.......In conclusion, my advice would be to Wipe everything and Install - and give it time to do what it does. Have a Brew in the meantime :)

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