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1.13 patch - any news?

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with the DCS-BS 1.01 patch complete and out for some time will there be any update on the 1.13 patch for LOFC ??


Thanks and apologies if I have missed any news on this


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See the Following:


Eagle Dynamics Update – 15 June 2009


It’s been a little over a month since the last update, so I thought it time to bring you all up to speed:



5- Lock On: Flaming Cliffs. As mentioned in the last update, we are working on a further evolution of this product line. However, until the software is essentially done, we will not be discussing this in any detail.






We can infer that once discussion/news filters through from the Dev Team, then the E.T.A. is imminent - Until then, we behave like Mushrooms.............(You Know - Kept in the Dark and all that......).

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that's how the software industry works...if you announce something too early, people whine/complain too much and ask "will it be released yet?" Remember how bad it got when ED didn't meet the deadline for the FC release?


We figure if we don't announce anything, people complain less :D What people don't know won't hurt them haha.


I'm j/k of course, I don't speak on behalf of ED but this is generally how the software industry operates.


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