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Heli Humor


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Heli Humor

--------------------------------------Part I--------------------------------------


A helicopter was flying around above Seattle when an electrical malfunction disabled

all of the aircraft's electronic navigation and communications equipment. Due to the

clouds and haze, the pilot could not determine the helicopter's position and course to

steer to the airport.


The pilot saw a tall building, flew toward it, circled, drew a handwritten sign, and

held it in the helicopter's window. The pilot's sign said 'WHERE AM I?'in large letters.


People in the tall building quickly responded to the aircraft, drew a large sign, and

held it in a building window. Their sign said 'YOU ARE IN A HELICOPTER'.


The pilot smiled, waved, looked at his map, determined the course to steer to

SEATAC airport, and landed safely.


After they were on the ground, the copilot asked the pilot how the 'YOU ARE IN A

HELICOPTER'sign helped determine their position.


The pilot responded 'I knew that had to be the MICROSOFT building because they

gave me a technically correct, but completely useless answer'.



--------------------------------------Part II-------------------------------------


Why Helicopters are Better than Women


1. A helicopter will kill you quickly . . . a woman takes her time.


2. Helicopters can be turned on by the flick of a switch.


3. A helicopter does not get mad if you 'touch and go.'


4. A helicopter does not object to a pre-flight inspection.


5. Helicopters come whit manuals.


6. Helicopters have strict weight and balance limits.


7. You can fly a helicopter any time of the month.


8. Helicopters don't come with in-laws.


9. Helicopters don't whine unless something is really wrong.


10. Helicopters don't care about how many other helicopters you have flown.


11. When flying, you and your helicopter both arrive at the same time.


12. Helicopters don't mind if you look at other helicopters,

or if you buy helicopter magazines.

13. It's OK to use tie-downs on your helicopter.


14. Helicopters don't comment on your piloting skills.


15. However, when helicopters go quiet, just like women, it's usually not good.

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