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Logbook Problem


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My apologies for starting a new thread as I posted some days ago in this thread http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=45013 about kills not being entered in the logbook. In that thread Chizh posted a file link for an updated log book script, this link is not avalible (comes up with an error 'Invalid file attachment', I reported this to admin over a week ago as did another member according to his thread and nothing has happened, then I posted a reply to that thread and haven't recieved any reply.

After doing some tests I've found that my kills are logged if I eject or end the mission without landing, but if I return to base and land there not recorded. I can get round this by using the old logbook script file but then if I eject it kills my pilot.

So what I'm hoping for is someone could fix the link to this file or tell me how to fix my problem.

Thanks for any help on this.





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