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Cockpit Graphic anomaly

Viper 1st GW

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Hi Folks,


first of all I am a new forum member and so a hello to everybody! :v:


I have a little problem with the cockpit graphic. Every time when I enter the cockpit I don´t have the "normal" 3d cockpit graphic. There are only shown a few indicators the HUD and aircraft skin. Also the canopy skraches are visible but not the frame of the canopy. MFD and HUD symbolic working as well. The rest of simulation works very good and stable.


Did anyone have/had the same problem and maybe a solution to solve the problem? :helpsmilie:



Thanks and all the best,




To my System:


LOMAC 1.02

Win 7 (64) Ultimate

i7 920

ATI HD5870

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try turning off the Advanced AI settings in your ati graphics card.


welcome here viper good to see you branch out.

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