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TH2GO digital owners please advise


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currently being the happy owner of a th2go analogue,

i am interested to know more about the digital version.


i saw an rfactor racing setup the other day with 3 massive TV's

that each looked like they were big enough for the lounge room,

and i would assume they'd be able to handle 1920x1080 each.

that would probably be their "native" resolution which to me means "ideal".


I read a while back the max resolution was increased via firmware,

yet it could still only do 3x 1650 across

i thought maybe these days the digital th2go might handle

3x 1920x1080,


q1. what is the max res available these days for digital th2go?

q2. what res do your usually run dcs or other games in using the th2go digital?


pretty much just feeling the water to see if the upgrade to digital is viable.



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Softh can do that resolution without spending one dollar$ .


I'm sure you already knew that but just informing the "public at large"


Savage 77th , http://s77th.com

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According to the research I've done and Matrox's specifications it is only 1680x1050 and that only with a funky 57hz refresh rate.




The Digital edition (DVI) is limited by the DVI bandwidth which means you will probably never see it go above that resolution.


Now the Display Port version does have more bandwidth and can support 1680x1050 at 60hz (at least according to their web site). That will require a video card with a display port to work properly. You will also have to buy 3 display port to DVI adapters unless all of your displays also support display port. I don't know if it's possible for the display port version to be upgraded beyond 1680x1050 as that will be dependent on the speed of the hardware inside the TH2Go.

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Running 5040x1050 with TH2Go dig. on Win 7 64 bit, got same res. setting in BS, but running the optimization software, SGU, really screws up the game. Get´s me 3-4 frames/sec. But undoing the change in the cfg (SGU will do that) restores your frame rates. But you get a zoom factor that is juuuust tolerable. Your nose is pretty close to the HUD. You can zoom out a little bit, and you have to have TrackIR, I´d say, so you can look around in the cockpit at that zoom level.

The SGU-screw up thing also took away the instructor voice, I think, same happened on FSX, no mission voices. But I have to investigate further into the cause of that.

If I could only change zoom level a liiitle bit...

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