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The Mission Planner...

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I remembered Matt mentioned the new mission planner ages ago, and forgot all about it until I was flying one of the stock missions in FC2 and thought "Hey, these waypoints are gonna get me killed!". After spending a half hour tracking down which post Matt/Evil had mentioned it in http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=49282 I went hunting in FC2.


Well of course it was right there all along (RTFM next time Nate) and it is one of the most useful tools added to the sim. The ability to plan, change your flight and payload in a locked mission is a major step forward.


Thinking about it further this planner could be expanded (ala Flanker 1.5) Would it be possible for the mission designer give the player some assets in this planner, to plan their part of an attack from scratch. Ie 2x Su25 + 2x Mig29 to be used for Ground attack & cap as you see fit. The goal for the mission would be a Ground target, and you have to take it out with the assets provided. Meanwhile the rest of the mission is locked and closed from the planner page.


One criticism I have though is that is should be made more prominent on the briefing screen. It feels, in the GUI, that it has just been tacked on, where it should feel like the next step in the briefing process.


Other than that it would be great to have the planner in Multiplayer for complex coop missions, although I fully understand why this is very unlikely.


Missions could start clean, just the battle field and the coop participants could plan the mission strategy and tactics together like Flanker 1.5 only multiplayer.



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