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[TRICK] Mission options behaviour

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Have you ever wondered why, even when you thought you switched external views off or labels off, when you start hosting a mission, those are on? well here's the trick (it's kind of bizarre):


-If you save a mission AND you have global options for all mission active (in game options -> "use these options for all missions"), the mp mission will use global gameplay options (from your computer, or whoevers computer is hosting it), EVEN if you setup options from the editor, those will get ticked in the editor but won't mean anything. Master options will be global gameplay options of the computer is hosting the mission.


-If you save a mission AND you don't have global options for all mission active, the mp mission will use gamplay options selected from the editor. IF you don't select any from the editor while you make the mission, it will take global options from YOUR computer, but those will be locked if you handle the mission to a friend, even if he has global options active. Master options will be hardcoded into the .miz file (check "options" file inside the mission file).




To understand it better, open a mission file (.miz, use winzip for example), view "options" file and search for setglobal=true/false. If somebody gives you a locked mission (setglobal=false) and you can't change some of it's options (for example, labels), just open in your mission editor and:


-if you use global options for all mission, just re-save it (setglobal will be changed to true)

-if you don't use global options for all mission, just set options from the editor and re-save it (setglobal will continue being false, but hardcoded options in .miz/options will change)


PD: this is applicable to gameplay options and two system options, scenes and civ traffic. All others are independent from the mission (textures, water, visible range, etc.)

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