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FC2 does not recognize POV2,3,4 on my X52


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First of all, I have to say I am very impressed with the overall feel of the new game.


Great job guys :clap_2: :clap_2: :clap_2:


Here is my question :


I do not use SST for my X52 (not Pro) because FS2004 and FC1.12 recognized all the buttons in DX mode. The less software I need to run the better.


Last night I tried for hours to get my POV2 to move the target designator. When I program it with POV1 it works fine. But POV2, POV3 and POV4 show no signs of life on FC2.


When I go into the controllers section of control panel all the buttons DO work fine.


Thanks for any tips.

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