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CCIP and CCRP A10 Training Video's?

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Im a bit of a fied wing noob having spent most of my simming years in rotor sims. Anyway over the last week ive been profiling for the A10 in FC2 and im having trouble getting bombs on target.


Could somebody direct me to a hi-res cockpit view video demonstating CCIP and/or CCRP boming. Im particularly interested in seeing the HUD symbology in action during a bombing run in both modes. eg: release ques etc.


Im also interested in recommended AOA and speed during CCIP?


and recommended altitude plus speed during a CCRP bombing run?


thanks :)


ps- ive watched the youtube stuff at Lockon.uk

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OK I think ive figured it out. My bombing altitude was too low so I could bring up the pible without lawn darting my A10.




1. Activate ATG mode

2. Select Bombs

3. Approach altitude 10000'

4. AOA needs to be greater than 25deg to bring up the pible

5. Airbrake on during dive, zero out Throttle

6. Align and release

7. Airbrake off, power out of dive




1. Activate ATG mode

2. Select Bombs

3. Level approach

4. Lock target

5. Activate CCRP mode

6. Align and release[my bombs release as soon as i push button? I thought the release was supposed to be delayed and autorelease?]



Could sombody comment if this is all correct?

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