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hud colors


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hello, is there anyway to customise the colors and transparency of the different colors of the huds?

I am used to fly with very transparent hud types in BS.

I think that it helps to locate ground targets, and i would like to adapt this for


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To customize the HUD color go to "Config/View", open view.lua with notepad++ and modify these lines:


-- HUD RGB color 
HUDColor = {}
HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iSu_27] = {[color=red]0, 255, 0[/color]}
HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iSu_33] = {[color=red]0, 255, 0[/color]}
HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iSu_25] = {255, 255, 0}
HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iSu_39] = {[color=red]0, 255, 0[/color]}
HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iMiG_29] = {[color=red]0, 255, 0[/color]}
HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iMiG_29K] = {[color=red]0, 255, 0[/color]}
HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iA_10] = {[color=red]0, 255, 0[/color]}
HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iF_15] = {[color=red]0, 255, 0[/color]}
HUDColor[PlaneIndex.iKA_50] = {[color=red]0, 255, 0[/color]}


Can't tell for transparency tough



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