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Chopper just falls out sky for no reason


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I've been playing Black Shark for a few weeks and loving it.

I have two questions though about the chopper just losing control and crashing...


1.) On the mission where you escort the 4 transport helicopters high up into the mountains for a drop off, twice in a row now, when I am waiting for them to unload, my heli just starts losing altitude, and crashes. This happens for no reason and it seems there is nothing I can do to prevent it. Why is this?



2.) In the second case, I realise the chopper can also keep losing altitude if I descend too quickly. And no matter how high I pull the limiter it keeps losing altitude. I have found dipping the nose forward can prevent this to get some new air into the blades although why does this happen?



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1. Don't try to hover at high altitudes, it takes more power than flying forward, ideally at 130km/h IAS. Sometimes the difference is enough to decide between being able to climb or not being able to maintain altitude at all.


2.Yes, this is called vortex ring state. Rule of thumb, don't descend faster than 3m/s when flying slower than 50(?)km/h (not sure on the exact numbers, but it'll keep you safe).




So, saying 'for no reason' is a bit of an understatement. ;)


PS: The search button is there to help you. :thumbup:

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If you're high enough or in winter, probably you need to switch on a couple anti-ice switches (two, one for rotor and one for engine, and two alternative others for instruments). If you don't, engines will go off due low temperature.

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