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AWACS & Tanker

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Hi all


Flaming Cliff 2.0


I created a Free Flight Mission with USA and Russia on the same side.


I put a russian and an american Tanker within and also a russian AWACS.


If I join the mission in a russian Fighter (Su-33) and ask the AWACS the vector to the tanker I will allways get the vector to the US-Tanker instead of the russian one. It doesn`t matter which one is closer.


Is there a way to fix this issue?

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DCS Rafale - please :thumbup:

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Shoot down the russian tanker?


Or have the two tankers fly a similar flight path

or put russia and US on opposite teams but at extreme other ends of the map...


I think the coalition of the awacs ties info to the tanker anyway... Make is a E-3 AWACS and see who it vectors you to.. that'd be interesting to find out.

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Maybe it's just sending you to the closest tanker in your coalition? Maybe move the other one closer to you?


Question: Can you connect to a tanker and refuel in multiplayer? I thought when they first announced FC2 they said it was impossible to do this online...



In Lockon FC 1.1 only the host could refuel in multiplayer. The boom would not come down I think for other players.

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