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A fewe questions about flyable pilot nationality and radio communication in dcs


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I have a few questions about DCS Ka-50 Black Shark:

1. Is possible to fly as Dutch or Israeli pilot in OFFLINE campaign?

2. How advanced is radio communication in offline mode (advanced as for example in Pacific Fighters, or basic as for example in Lock On)

3. Are there radio communication packs in other languages than Russian and English? (for example Dutch)


I'm going to buy new computer, now I have too old one, so I haven't possibility to check the demo and try above, so I ask.

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1) You can set your nationality to practically whatever you want as long as it's NATO, Israel, Russia, Georgia or Ukraine, I don't believe it'll make a difference. (I got russian medals for killing russians before I switched to US. :P )


2) Not sure how I'd characterise them, as I don't recall the Pacific Fighters radio menu to be "advanced". I'd say roughly similar.


3) There might be mods for dutch, but I don't believe I've seen one. I haven't looked though, since my dutch is... um... rudimentary. :P


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