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FC2.0 : I wish 3D Hud Frame !!

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Hi. due to varius mod especially 6 DOF MOD, I can feel as I am in real cockpit. I love mod makers.. Thank you..


But because FC2.0 all flyable airplane have 2D HUD Frame, when I move my head to side (X move), HUD look like just picture.

Is there a method putting 3D HUD model to FC2.0 cockpits? If 3d Hud frame get in the cockpit, fc2.0 will be great game that I never seen before...


This is my trivial wish... ^^

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This is your wish and will be only wish :D


Nothing can be done, unfortunetely.

Reminder: Fighter pilots make movies. Bomber pilots make... HISTORY! :D | Also to be remembered: FRENCH TANKS HAVE ONE GEAR FORWARD AND FIVE BACKWARD :D


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I haven't heard plans of it... FC2 is the latest and greatest for LOMAC series.


For the full 3D cockpit (and clickable), you need to move to DCS, black shark and future A-10.


Not greatest

Artificial intelligence (AI) in FC 2.0 is much worse than AI in previous version 1.1, wingmen AI included :doh:

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