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Missiles won't fire :(

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I have done everything I'd usually do to fire a missile, I even get "LA" but pressing all the buttons on the joystick/keyboard will not get the missile to fire. Cannon works though :noexpression:


Even tried looking at settings to see if things had changed, nope SPACE and even RALT + SPACE did nothing on all planes for missiles :joystick:


What could be causing this?

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Hello :)


You have to hold the button down for a brief while. Cannons, rockets, and bombs dont have that feature. But missiles do.


Fast response, thanks!


I was just coming back to edit my post to say I found it while get frustrated with the joystick and trying second trigger (X52 Pro), guess this is stop accidental launch? :pilotfly:

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If you are talking about vanilla Lockon (patched to v1.02) or FC1 or FC2 then on US jets it is ENTER that fires missiles, rockets, bombs and SPACEBAR that fires cannon.

In Russian jets, the SPACEBAR fires everything.


In addition, in FC2 (as already mentioned above) you have to hold it for longer to get the missile off......


Sorry Death, you lose! It was Professor Plum....

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