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FC 2 Warthog day mission.

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Here is a good guide about A-10 operations in a high-threat environment on which this mission is very much based on:


SimHQ's RAF Bentwaters Tactics Guide


On page 8 you can find information on the 9-line target briefing, which will be very important in this mission.



Here are some general helpers to the mission:

-The basic structure is to get airborne and contact the Airborne Command and Control Center for tasking. The ABCCC will give you directions to a Forward Air Controller that needs your help. Once in contact with the FAC, he will give you the 9-line brief for your actual target.

-You do not need to adjust any frequencies yourself. If you see the message that the frequency of your radio has been tuned, prepare for radio contact.

-I suggest to set up a orbit with the autopilot just before copying any important information. I use the altitude and bank hold autopilot to set up a stable orbit to have my full attention when receiving the 9-line brief from the FAC. This even works well just 100 ft over the ground.

-Have pen and paper ready to write down important information. Unless you are a genius, the mission is very hard otherwise :)

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