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Cougar Microstick

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Im having trouble assigning my Cougar microstick as an axis. In the control panel I moved the rudder axis to the unused 9 and 10 axis setting and the microstick to 5 and 6. But when I go to the viewer it still shows a picture of the rudder and none of the axis move when I move the microstick.

Intel i7 990X, 6GB DDR3, Nvidia GTX 470 x2 SLI, Win 7 x64


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By default 5 is for the Range axis of the Throttle.

¿You after set you setup, clicked to Apply button? If you not apply not work.

Other method is setup this axis swap by the profile of sim.





Axis_Identifier is one of the following:


JOYX, JOYY (together termed JOYSTICK)


RNG, ANT (together termed ROTARIES)

MIX, MIY (together termed MICROSTICK)

LBRK, RBRK (together termed TOEBRAKES)



In the past i remember try this swap function directly in the CCP and in the profile, but i think remember not work well.



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