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Help! Invisible cockpit


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This is wierd. Just upgraded my graphics card to ATI 5870. New install on new OS. When i start to fly I can see instruments but Aircraft structure is missing! If I look back I can see wing tips (SU25)

Tried BS and this has a simular problem


I am sure I have heard of this before, but I cant recall where. Any Ideas?


i7 930

6gig triple channel 1600

Saphire VX 5870 1gig

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Do a search and you find this, my post on 4-19-2010, among others.


I had the same trouble, Lighting pointed this out to me. It was my problem.


"I assume that you have an ATI Graphics Card and use the Catalyst Driver 10.3 ( that might be wrong but since i had the same bug when i was experimenting with some graphics driver settings it might be right here)


Open your Catalyst Control Center.

Click on "Graphics" , then click on "3D" , then on "ALL"


Scroll down untill you see Anti Aliasing Mode Slider

!!! DO NOT USE --> "Adaptive Multi-sample AA (middle slider position)




Try the ---> "Super-sample AA" Setting and everything will be O.K. again. ( slider to full right position ! )

Dont forget to click on "Apply" and "OK" after that, or the changes will not be applied when you close the Catalyst Program !


I hope this helps."


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