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Returning to FC2 - Where's the paint scheme screen

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I just purchased the newest version of FC .... FC2


I'm curious about why the original paint scheme & loadout screen was eliminated and replaced with the newer version where aircraft paint schemes are not visible.


This isn't a complaint ... just a question.


I've installed my F15C paint scheme I was using in FC and after 10 reloads to find where it was classified under {Because it wasn't where I thought it was} - Only to discover that it didn't install properly {Problem yet to be resolved}


But these are the problems encountered when there is no in-game paint scheme viewer available.


How are some of you guys dealing with this issue .... any suggestions????



And sorry for the newbie type question ... it would seem that I have to relearn alot again.

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I have just given up caring that much about my paint scheme. I also wish I could pick the one I want when I fly... But since I cannot, I got over it and moved on... Argg..

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I think the issue is due to the fact that the game engine (3D rendering) and the user interface (editor, etc...) are separated now (due to incompatibility between engines, that should be fixed in a later DCS module IIRC), so you won't see any 3D in the editor. It's quite annoying, of course, but oh well, you kinda get used to it

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