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X52 FCS Software Issue?

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Hello, I'm new to the forums.


This is a long read.


I have a bit of an issue. I email-ed Saitek regarding it already, but the answer that I received was...not helpful.


I have an X52 FCS unit. Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit). I have downloaded all the software/drivers from Saitek's website while trying to solve this problem.


My problem is thus:

I am utterly unable to load a profile that I have not personally created.


"*.pr0 does not contain a profile for this device. The device has not been profiled." This is the message I receive when I try.


...so I check under the FCS's control panels and it says that I am missing SST programming software. It also has a nice little button to click to download this software it speaks of.


But wait! The link is not found! I've searched all the Saitek downloads and, while I can locate the software that I need...it simply will not install itself into the FCS software. To be clear- I run the SST setup, it sets up. I restart. I am still showing software version


I suppose what I am asking for is: has anyone else encountered this issue, and if so, how did they go about solving it. If it's solvable.


Thanks in advance.


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The software is on saiteks website as I downloaded it 2 days ago.


The SST I downloaded is version

The actual joystick driver is version


What I would do if I was you would be to uninstall the software, and then also check your USER folder to see if any remaining saitek software is embedded in there, if so delete it and then reinstall the whole lot again but with admin authority.


I run the same OS as you and I think I installed as admin and it works ok for me, hopefully thats all you need to do ?


Also, there is 64bit and 32bit versions, you never by any chance downloaded the 32bit version for your 64bit OS ?


Uninstall everything and then re-download the 64 bit drivers and sst and then install as admin and see if that helps.


If you want I can upload my set of software for you to download if you want ?

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I might be wrong about this, but I know when the X52 Pro came out, people were not able to use their vanilla X52 profiles with the 'Pro' version, and I think the X52 Pro profiles end wit the .pr0 extension.


Basically, I think your trying to use a X52 Pro profile, while using a vanilla X52, which I think won't work.

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The .pro extension is just the newer SST profile file naming convention. The older SST profiles ended in .dat, which has been obsolete for some time now. The .pro applies across the Saitek product line that utilizes SST software (Even the Cyborg Command Unit).


There's no place like

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