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I lost my single player icon


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I have messed something up, and now i dont have icon for starting singleplayer game...Can somebody direct me hot to create new icon with path to right file and needed parameters to launch the game in single player mode?


Pilot from Croatia

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if you are using windows 7 or vista it will be in C:/program files x86/Eagle Dynamics or DCS/ka-50/bin/x86/stable/launcher.exe its something like that.


you are looking for launcher.exe . on that right click your mouse and then select send to then desktop ( create shortcut )


once you have done that, goto your desktop and then find the icon and then right click on it and select properties.


and in the shortcut tab, in the target box, you should have this.


C:\Program Files (x86)\Eagle Dynamics\KA-50\bin\x86\stable\launcher.exe --console


or is it


C:\Program Files (x86)\DCS\KA50\bin\x86\stable\launcher.exe --console


I think you Might ? need to add --console yourself if your shortcut you made doesnt automatically have it, leave a space between exe and -- console.


I have my game installed somewhere else, but I suspect the links above are somewhat correct and after you make your own shortcut you will find out which one is the correct one, I just think you will have to add --console at the end of it, but you should have no problem making the shortcut with the directions above.

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