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Ground refueling and repairing bug?


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Hello guys,


I was flying this afternoon with a friend of mine and because I had set the bird percentage thingy at 1000% ( :huh: ) I got two bird strikes in a row.


In the first one I managed to stop the aircraft just short of the end of the runaway and after 3 minutes with engines off, it got repaired.


I took off again only to have another bird strike. This time I jettisoned the load out, gained altitude and returned to the airfield (I know I shouldn't... but I managed it. :megalol: )


I landed and turned off the engines as I should. The only problem is that this time the plane did not get repaired. I had to eject and hit RCVR to be able to fly again.


Is that a known bug? Is the plane supposed to be repaired only once per damage type? Oh... it was the same engine that got struck by birds (the A10's right one).


The second problem came up with the refueling. As it was a rather long mission and there were three of us, we had to refuel a few times. After a certain number of times, they would not refuel any of our aircraft anymore. Is that also a known bug? Or did the entire county run out of aviation gas? :lol:


All jokes aside, I'd like to know what to expect, for sometimes it might not even be worth bringing a limping bird back home as it'll be unrepairable/unrefuelable. :thumbup:


Thanks for all the help. :thumbup: :pilotfly:

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I think there are problems with damaged landing gear/tyres such that the game doesn't recognize that you've really landed. Bird strikes shouldn't mess with the gear but you might have had a hard landing.


The gear was fine. Nothing happened to it. The problem was the damage in the bird-stricken engine that didn't get repaired, but it just happened today again, so it must be a bug.


The refueling problem also happened several other times and so it too must be a bug.


I'll let it rest. Maybe we'll get these things fixed in the next patch. :pilotfly:

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