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i give up on black shark


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i have had bs a few days now and i have gotten very frustrated with it , i cant get any decent frame rates , it stutters then it has froze up ,no heat probs i have checked. i have all the programs for watching this. the craft itself is the most unstable bird i have ever seen even with the aids on.i have tried to run as low settings as will go but still no good. added the update and then it does worse.i have been checking and testing my hardware thinking its my rig but cant find nothing wrong i dont think its my rig because the other games do as well as ever and i put some hard graphics on it and it will run them maxed . my rig is not the best but i feel should run it on low details at least.i want even try multiplay with it running this bad , im very disapointed cause i love chopper games the most and built this rig thinking it would run most games of today. but i might not have enough muscel so im not saying its the game ,im sure its a great game. im sorry to say it want play on mine so im unistalling it today...Reb


heres some of my specs

Intel core 2 quad Q9650 3.0gh cpu

OCZ Platinum 8gb DDR2 1066 PC2-8500 MEMORY

P5Q-E ASUS MB 64 bit vista ultimate sp2

2x ati radeon HD 4870 FX-cards 1GB GDDR5 memory in crossfire mode

750 watt corsair power supply

CH stick n pedals

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Ensure Catalyst AI is turned off. You could also try to disable crossfire mode just to check if there's a driver issue going on. If nothing else it would help narrow down the list of possible causes.


Also, what HDD and sound cards do you have?


A DxDiag (check the "Troubleshooting" sticky thread) would help greatly in getting an overview on the hardware/driver situation.


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Keep at Reb - you WON"T reget it!




Win 10 Pro, Intel i7 8700k @4.6 GHz, EVGA RTX 3080  FTW, Ultra 64 GB G.Skill DDR4 3600 RAM, Acer 27" flat screen, Oculus Rift S, HP Reverb G2, CH Fighterstick, Pro Throttle and Pro Rudder Pedals HOTAS, TM Warthog HOTAS, MFG Rudder Pedals, TrackIR 5 Pro w/Vector Expansion, PointCTRL.

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The Black Shark is a little hard to master at first, especially if you have only flown fixed wing before.


Always remember that the helo isn't fly by wire..you move the stick and the helo will catch up to your control inputs. So move the stick slowly, with a light grip on the stick. Get used to how it reacts, and after a flight or two you will start to learn how fast you can move the stick according to desired flight effects.


Leave the autopilot buttons on. Later, when you get used to it, you can turn them off, but it gets out of control very easily. I prefer to leave "ALT HOLD" off, and sometimes "HDG HOLD" off if I'm going slow and forsee the need for fast rudder inputs.


Learn how to trim properly. After every control input, retrim. After a few flights, it becomes second nature, and you'll have a much more manageable aircraft.


Remember that with contra-rotating blades, hard turns to the right more likely then not will end up with you in a burning hole in the ground, especially at higher speeds. You can pretty do much anything going left, but right is tricky.


The best way to practice is low and slow. Get used to the handling around an airfield first. Set up a mission with no loadout (therefore no heavy handling helo), and practice just taking off and moving forward, backwards, side to side, etc at a set height, saw 15 feet or so. Just get used to that, and then practice more and higher. Try loops and rolls (to the left). After awhile you'll learn tonnes of maneuvers, know when you have to lower rotor rpm (high speed descents) and what you can do without trashing your airframe.


Hope this helps !



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And your computer is plenty powerful enough. I've got...

single 8800GTX (almost 4 years old)

e6850 cpu (almost 4 years old)

4 gigs ram (2 years old)

Win7 x64 .... And I can run high settings on everything and rarely drop below 20 FPS with no overclocking..



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thanks fellows shark is running good i turned off the ccc and killed the crossfire and its groovy i got me 2 moniters running to help look at the manuals and one for the bird ....reb

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