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2010 ROF Video Trailer Contest


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Hello Pilots :-)

I've not seen you so much time, I'm miss you :-)

Knowing from my own experience that LockOn community is very experienced in Movie Making, I have an offer for you.

At the moment - LockOn community have provided the best video content in whole simulator's world. So, at the moment we're performing 2010 ROF Video Trailer Contest now and it will be great to enforce the competitive spirit if you will join it. This contest have terms which may interest you.

Knowing you, I'm think that it is a great chance that one of you will win this contest, and the others will be in first row ;-)


I'm hope it is not restricted by ED forums rules to post a link to Contest Rules page here? Here is it:



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With Best Regards!

Daniel Tuseyev

Il-2: Battle of Stalingrad and Rise Of Flight projects manager

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