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SU 27 campaign

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Well I am having a bit of trouble with this campaign but I am trying to get through it none the less. Lot of trial and error with different tactics. I am wondering what you guys experience is? It is quite difficult to dodge those multiple F16s with AIM 120s. Right now I am on the fourth mission (the night mission). I dont do labels so dont have your advice be "turn on labels."


For those who are also struggling, here are the missions I have done and how I passed them:


Second mission (escorting Radar Strike)

Send your wingmen out and lure F-16s into your SAM zone, engage the rest.


Third mission (escorting strategic bombers):

Send wing men to engage, use the nearby mountains to pop up on their flanks








Sometimes I think life would be better with AIM 120s on an SU-27. One can dream... :joystick:

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I'm glad to see that you are having success by using different tactics. This campaign may have turned out more difficult than intended, but also designed to have the player think tactically in many of the missions instead of just running headlong into the enemy. As you noticed, in most missions you will have the advantage of outnumbering the enemy and also friendly SAM coverage behind you. In mission 4, you are backed up by a flight of 4 MiG-29s out of Babushara airbase that will take off when the enemy flight is detected. You also have some friendly SAMs in the border region. Perhaps you can use these assets to help you out.

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Thanks for words of encouragement. I got through the night mission and the next one I completed on the first try. Shot down their AWACs for fun. There are flanker training videos I keep hearing about. I tried searching for them on youtube. Does anyone know where they are?

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